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Thermal processing of biomass into high-calorifi

Thermal processing of biomass into high-calorific solid composite fuel through the development and substantiation of the parameters of the biomass processing technology in a high-calorie solid fuel for boiler units. Chips from a mixture of Siberian wood (birch, pine, and aspen) and peat of Kandinsky deposit were used as biomass sources

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Fuels may be classified as raw or prepared. Thus, there is raw coal and crude oil on one hand, and on the other hand, the other, prepared or refined products, such as coke, refined oils, and pitches. The use of raw fuel is less than the prepared ones. Fuels can be categorized as solid, liquid, or gaseous.

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5 Application of pt 2 (1) This part and schedule 1 apply to a project mentioned in section 4. (2) Any steps or actions taken under the EIS process before the action mentioned in section 4(a) happens are taken to have complied with this part. s 5 amd 2013 SL No. 25 s 4. 6 Prescribed matters for draft terms of reference—Act, s 41(2)(d). The draft terms of reference for an EIS must include the

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KSB is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and valves and also offers a comprehensive range of service activities. The company's products and services are used in process engineering and building services, water and waste water management, and in the energy and mining sectors.


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2019-9-28 · Coke is a grey, hard, and porous fuel with a high carbon content and few impurities, made by heating coal or oil in the absence of air — a destructive distillation process. It is an important industrial product, used mainly in iron ore smelting, but also as a fuel in stoves and forges when air pollution is a concern. The unqualified term


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Combustion applications are wide ranging with respect to the fields in which they are used and to their thermal input, extending from a few watts for a candle to hundreds of megawatts for a utility boiler. Combustion is the major mode of fuel utilization in domestic and industrial heating, in production of steam for industrial processes and for

Effect of Additives on Wood Pellet Physical an

2012-12-26 · Additives play a major role in wood pellet characteristics and are a subject of major interest as they act as binding agents for the biomass raw material. Past research has reported the use of lignosulphonate, dolomite, starches, potato flour and peel, and some motor and vegetable oils as additives for wood pellet production. This paper reviews the available research on the effect of different