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Boiler Control Systems Tuning Methods: Gain a thorough understanding of all boiler control systems tuning methods for pulverized coal boilers, CFB boilers, cyclone boilers, and stoker boilers Boiler Control Systems: Gain an in-depth understanding of all boiler control systems including drum level feedwater control, fuel and air control, oxygen trim control, steam temperature control

Direct Steam Injection vs Indirect Steam Injection

2012-11-26 · In a direct steam injection process you exploit not only the latent heat, but also part of the sensible heat of condensed steam, whilst in an indirect process you trap and discharge hot condensate. Moreover in an indirect process you introduce further thermal

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2018-12-10 · Steam is now mostly known for its heating applications, as both a source of direct and indirect heat. Direct Steam Heating. The direct steam heating method refers to processes where steam is in direct contact with the product being heated. The example below shows Chinese dumplings being steamed. A steaming basket is placed over a pot of boiling

Boiler and Turbine Steam and Cycle Chemistry-2010_P06

2011-7-15 · Boiler and Turbine Steam and Cycle Chemistry - Program 64 p. 10 Electric Power Research Institute 2010 Portfolio Monitoring methods provide only indirect indications of corrosion, corrosion product transport, and deposition activity.

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2015-8-15 · Abstract: Boiler is a most useful device for any developing industries to process & production. It is necessary to optimized good boiler efficiency. Boiler efficiency can be measured by two method, direct method and indirect method. Both methods give a different result. Direct method did not include any losses for calculating boiler efficiency

Reasons for Gaps Between Direct and Indirect Efficien

This article tries to find out the reasons behind this wide gap between direct and indirect efficiency. First of all, we will have a look at both the methods of calculating boiler efficiency. Direct Efficiency. In the direct method, efficiency is calculated by dividing energy delivered by the boiler by energy input as fuel, using the equation:

Boiler Efficiency Calculation by Indirect Metho

2019-9-29 · The following article will guide you about how to calculate boiler efficiency by indirect method. Definition of Boiler Efficiency: The boiler efficiency is defined as the ratio of heat actually used for producing steam in a certain period to the heat supplied in the furnace during the same period. Both quantities being measured in the same units.

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In normal boiler operation, the liquid water remains in the bottom part of the boiler due to gravity, while steam bubbles rise through the liquid water and are collected at the boiler top for use. However, a steam boiler may open up to the atmosphere accidentally because of a boiler

Boiler Efficiency Introduction and Calculation Method

2019-4-8 · These other parameters include ON-OFF losses, radiation losses, convection losses, blow down losses etc. In actual practice, two methods are commonly used to find out boiler efficiency, namely direct method and indirect method of efficiency calculation. Direct efficiency--this method calculates boiler efficiency by using the basic efficiency

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2019-10-6 · In the direct resistance heating, electric current passes through the charge itself. This current produces I 2 R losses in the form of heat within the body itself. This principle is made use in heating water by means of electrode boiler. In the case of electrode boiler, the